Support for Parents/Carers

support-bubbleWe offer a free, confidential and independent service for parents/careers of children with special educational needs. Our services include:

  • Providing information and advice on Special Educational Needs
  • Discussing letters and reports sent by the LA, the school, education psychology services and other agencies
  • Attending meetings, case conferences and reviews
  • Providing information on benefits and grants available for children with special needs/disabilities
  • Information and advice on choosing schools
  • Disagreement resolution/mediation between parents, schools and the LA
  • Providing information about local activities groups and support services
  • Providing Parenting Programmes and facilitating workshops, support groups conferences and courses
  • Giving parents support and advice on exclusions.

Information and Advice on SEN

We have a team of advisors, trained volunteers/Independent Parental Supporters who can provide you with advice and assistance either face to face or by telephone – call our helpline on 020 8840 9099 for more information.

We have a resource library and information database at the centre which includes books, videos and audio cassettes which you can borrow.  Some of the materials are available in foreign languages and braille as well.

You can also look at the Special Educational Needs pages of this website for detailed information about special educational needs and links to further sources of online information.

Attending meetings, case conferences and reviews

If your child has special educational needs you may be invited to a lot of different meetings with staff from the Local Authority, health professionals and social services. We can help you prepare for these meetings and go with you to the meeting to make sure your views are heard. We can also put you in touch with translators and interpreters if necessary.

Information and Advice on SEN

We run parenting workshops, support groups and courses where you can get information, receive support, discuss issues and develop strategies for supporting your child’s education and development.


Support and advice on exclusions

We can provide information and advice if your child is excluded from school and support you in appealing against the exclusion.

Disagreement Resolution & Mediation Services

Download more information here.

Choosing Schools

For information on how to choose the right school, click here.

Accessing Services

For a flowchart on how to access services, click here.

Agency Links

For links to services in West London, click here.

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