Information Advice & Support Service

for Hammersmith & Fulham

Dear parents, carers and all Insights IASS users,

Re: COVID-19 coronavirus

Due to the current circumstances relating to COVID-19 coronavirus, the latest government guidelines and recommended advice from the Information Advice and Support Service Network (IASSN), we will be making the following arrangements to maintain hygiene, health and safety  levels with immediate effect.

  • We will continue to provide telephone advice
  • We will keep in touch by email using the contact details we already have for our service users.  This will be the easiest way to keep in touch.
  • We will use Skype. To set this up you just need a computer /portable device with a microphone and webcam (which most do) and then you can create an account if you do not have one set up already
  • All drop-in sessions at Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre – Wednesdays 9-30 -12.20 and  the Stephen Wiltshire Centre –  Thursdays 9.30 -12.30 are cancelled until further notice
  • Telephone appointments will be used to replace face to face conversations and drop-ins
  • All scheduled meetings, workshops, school and home visits are cancelled until further notice

We do appreciate your patience and understanding during this time and if you have any questions please contact  our Advisors on 020 8840 9099 .

Kind regards,

Beata Watson Enrichment and Wellbeing Senior Lead INSIGHTS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL

call 020 8840 9099 mob 07572424693

safeguardingWhat is the IAS Service?

IASS stands for Information Advice and Support Service and was formerly known as the Parent Partnership Service. Insights IASS is part of the national Information, Advice and Support Services Network (IASSN ).

All IASS staff are trained to advise on special educational needs and Disability law and the Code of Practice by Independent Parental Special Educational Advice (IPSEA).

IASS Advisors provide information, advice and support to the parents/carers of children and young people with special needs or disabilities and young people aged 16-25 with special needs or disabilities.

Advisors will be impartial and will not tell you what to do. They will support you to make your own choices.

The IASS is independent of the local authority. It is a confidential service and we will not share your information with other agencies or professionals without your permission unless someone is at risk of being harmed. You do not have to pay for this service. It is free for all users.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Telephone advice line on EHC assessment process and other educational issues
  • Parenting workshops and courses
  • Resource library and information database

 We can:

  • Provide a free and confidential service.
  • Provide accurate and impartial information.
  • Help you to understand your rights, as well as the roles and responsibilities of agencies and professionals.
  • Let you know what to expect from schools and the Local Authority.
  • Support you so that your views are heard and understood.
  • Put you in touch with other organisations that can help.
  • Find out information related to SEND (including how the Local Authority (LA), early years settings, schools and colleges should work with parents, carers, children and young people)
  • Help you prepare and or attend school/LA meetings or  early years/school/college visits
  • Help you to read through and understand letters, forms, and reports on SEND
  • Support you to give your views during meetings, visits or in writing
  • Let you know what you can do if you do not agree with a decision made by the LA or an early years setting, school or college.

How We Can Help You?

We can help if:

  • You are worried about your child’s progress at school.
  • You need help or advice about an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

We are unable to:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Tell you what we think you should do
  • Attend meetings for you if you are not there.

H&F IASS Advisor

Pat McNair

Tel: 020 8840 9099 or Mobile: 07931 361204


H&F IASS Advisor

Sombo Dakowah

Tel: 020 8840 9099 or Mobile: 07943 078288


Drop-in Sessions

We offer an opportunity to discuss your circumstances face to face. Just drop in and see us at:

Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre

76 Braybrook Street, East Acton, London W12 0AP

9.30 – 12.30 Wednesdays

The Stephen Wiltshire Centre

Queensmill Road, SW6 6JJ

9.30 – 12.30 Thursdays


Parents and carers who wish to find out more information as well as guidance on Special Educational Needs can be found under the ‘Parent Services’ tab.

Agency Links

For links to services in West London, click here.

COVID-19 Important Information