General Overview

Music lessons at our school involve teaching through practical activities and playing instruments. Students develop their individual as well as group music skills through various performance and practice activities. There is also a strong use of Music Technology facilities within the department allowing students to become proficient using Music software and learning the art of audio engineering and music production.

Key Stage 2

During Key Stage 2 Music, the main emphasis is on play and development of students’ musical awareness. This is done through drama and music games as well as accessing different instruments including percussion, recorders and keyboards.

Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 Music, the emphasis turns to traditional musical skills including using notation, keyboard skills as well as ensemble performance skills. The awareness of how music plays a part in society and different cultures around the world is covered broadening the students’ knowledge and context around music.

Key Stage 4

Students who take Music and Music Technology at Key Stage 4, complete NCFE Level 1 to Level 2 qualifications in Music Technology and Music Performance. These courses are equivalent to GCSE grade courses of study and develop respective music and music technology skills within a vocational context. This gives students the necessary skills as well as career awareness to utilise their skills within society.

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