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In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils study the principles and concepts of design and production in the context of food materials. Food technology teaches cooking skills and recipe development with emphasis on healthy eating, diet and nutrition, and the importance of making informed food choices. Special attention is given to health, safety, hygiene and proper use of equipment. Through practical lessons and evaluating products, students learn to think critically and imaginatively and are able to use their skills to design and make their own products, for example in Year 7 pupils design and make their own savoury scone. This allows students to practically demonstrate their knowledge and creativity, making technology a subject in which pupils of all abilities can learn and achieve.


Year 7

Pupils develop a basic understanding of the nutritional requirements of a healthy diet through mainly practical sessions.

Pupils learn basic food preparation techniques with particular focus on fruit
and vegetables.

Pupils complete the Year 7 Food licence award.


Year 8

Pupils will work on a range of tasks including convenience and ‘smart’ food products and explore various types of materials.

This will be supported by instruction on a range of more advanced food preparation and cooking techniques. Pupils complete a research project into small cakes as an extended piece of homework.

Pupils will complete the silver food award through a pizza design and make activity.


Year 9

Those pupils opting to carry on with Food Technology extend their First and Second Year work on the importance of nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. Pupils will also look at prevention of food poisoning by looking at correct storage and preparation of food.

Pupils will work on developing their practical skills further such as sauce making, curries and pastry making. This will prepare them for further studies in BTEC Home cooking skills levels 1&2 if they are interested.

Pupils will complete a project using a food-based design and research activity linked to a specific country or culture.

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14+ Jamie Oliver BTEC in Home cooking skills level 1&2

This course is hugely inspiring for learners of all cooking abilities.

For some students, it may be the start of a career in cooking; for others, it will help them to learn the basic skills and recipes that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

The aim of this qualification is to give students the basic life skills and knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy and cost-effective way, and have the confidence to share these skills with friends and family.  Being able to cook is an essential skill, which enables students to make changes that have benefits to their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

This term students will gain an understanding of how to budget when planning meals to cook at home, to recognise food sources and gain knowledge in recipes they can be used in, Learn about Raw meat and different cuts of meat that can be used in recipes. We will encourage students to transfer skills learnt to other recipes to continue cooking for themselves and their families and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge.


This course has been developed in partnership with Jamie Oliver Ltd and has been inspired by his food initiatives and campaigns with the government and also school meals.

Jamie states that many people do not have the skills to cook meals and lack food knowledge, creating a reliance on pre-prepared or ready-cooked food. Lack of time and money are also considerable issues.  These have had a significant impact on the increase of profound health issues such as obesity, diabetes etc.

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