Alternative Learning and Enrichment

A holistic education for our students is achieved through a carefully designed Alternative Learning and Enrichment programme. Throughout the key stages activities are placed within the timetable to provide necessary social and vocational stimuli to enable our students to reach their full potential.

Key Stage 2 and 3

Within the younger key stages, the focus is on development of personal and inter-personal skills through activities. This has been achieved through Equine Therapy, Fishing and Nature activities.

Key Stage 4

As the students get older the emphasis turns to preparing them for the transition into adulthood with vocational and individualised small group activities. An example of this, would be students with a flair for cooking having off site accredited cooking provisions put in place or mechanics college placements for students who have expressed an interest in mechanics as a vocation. All of the alternative learning and enrichment is mapped to selected ASDAN qualifications enabling Key Stage 4 students to develop an accredited portfolio of work within Independent Living, Personal Finance, Vocational and Citizenship areas.

Work Experience

As students enter Key Stage 4, they have the opportunity to undertake work experience placements which are organised through the school. Working with trusted businesses that understand the unique nature of our students we are able to provide relevant and effective placements benefitting the students and helping them learn about chosen industries and gain real world experience.