General Curriculum Information

We provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum, based on the National Curriculum. The curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the student, whilst also preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

The students are provided with learning experiences which enable them to acquire knowledge and skills in an enjoyable learning environment, where the potential of each student can be fulfilled to the maximum. Through the experience of success, all students acquire a degree of self-respect and self-confidence, which assists with their development of positive relationships with their peers.


Pupils aged 5-11 years attend the lower school and follow the national curriculum with emphasis on pupils developing their emotional literacy, social and communication skills through play and sensory learning.

Our cross curricular projects, educational trips, activities and residentials help pupils to develop skills, knowledge and understanding whilst being motivated through stimulating and interactive learning.

Pupils have access to specialist staff that provide; counselling, mentoring, learning and therapeutic support (including Speech & Language, Play, Art, Music, Drama and OT).

Home/school communication is important and regular contact is made to update parents/carers on pupils’ progress.

Secondary Key stage 3 & 4

Students aged 11-16 years work towards academic and vocational qualifications and accreditation. Students can gain GCSEs in up to 10 subjects that are taken in years 10 and 11, however, gifted and talented students are entered early if ready.  Students are supported in developing life and social skills through personal development programmes which include; anger management, making positive choices, healthy lifestyles and independent living.


Students are supported on part-time college placements in a vocational area of their choice.

Work experience placements are arranged each term to maximise students’ experience and knowledge of the world of work.

We work closely with local businesses and industry to provide our students with up to date information and guidance on the skills that are needed for successful employment.

Students have access to specialist staff who provide counselling and therapeutic support.

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