Independent Supporters

    The Government has introduced Independent Supporters to support families, children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities) through the change from Statements of Special Educational needs to the new Education Health and Care Plans (EHC Plan)

    As Independent Supporters we are independent of the local authority and offer a range of, confidential, impartial information and support through the conversion process to an EHC plan this is between 15-20 weeks.
    Our aim is to enable you to participate confidently through this transition.

    Who do Insights ISS support?

    • Families with children who have SEN and disability needs
    • Families with children transitioning from a Statement of Special Needs to an EHC Plan
    • Young people with a Learning Disability (LDA) converting to an EHC Plan
    • Young people age 16-25 transferring from a Statement of Special Needs to an EHC Plan (Between the ages of 16-25 a young person is entitled to meet with an Independent Supporter without parental consent.)


    What can Insights ISS do for you?

    • Ensure you understand everything and can fully participate in the assessment
    • Help the parent of young person to transfer a statement to an EHC Plan
    • Ensure your views, needs, wishes and that of your child’s are included in the assessment
    • Attend meetings with you for support
    • Act as a named contact person for the parent or young person throughout the assessment and planning process
    • Assist you in drafting letters and any other supporting paperwork
    • Check your EHC Plan with you to ensure it meets the needs of your child to achieve the goals set
    • Signpost or refer you to other support or specialist services if required
    • Ensure access to the ‘Local Offer’ and provide information on how to use it
    • Provide you and your child with information on personal budgets where appropriate
    • Assist you to liaise with a range of agencies and help you gather the information required for an EHC plan

    How to access Insights ISS service?

    Please contact:

    Sombo Dakowah
    Tel: 0208 840 9099 or 07943 078 288
    Email: sombodakowah@insightsesc.co.uk
    Website: www.insightesc.co.uk

    Where to find us:

    Independent Support Service
    The Intuition Learning Centre
    1st Floor, Craven Road W5 2UA
    Trains A 10 minute walk from Ealing
    Broadway Tube Station (District & Central line)
    Buses 207, 427, 83, E1, E2, E7, E11

    Drop In Sessions:

    We offer an opportunity to discuss your circumstances face-to-face with specialist staff. Just drop in and see us between


    65, Aspenlea Road, London W6 8LH

    Days and Times:

    Mondays 9:30-12:30 (Term-Time Only) | Tuesday 4:00-6:00 (Term-Time Only)
    Wednesday 9:30-13:00 (Appointment Only, Please call for appointment)
    Thursday 9:30-13:00 (Appointment Only, Please call for appointment)


    Mobile: 07943 078 288

    Other useful organisations

    Hammersmith & Fulham

    Hammersmith & Fulham

    Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS)
    Pat McNair: 020 8799 5658

    Independent Parental Special
    Education Advice (IPSEA)

    Independent Parental Special
    Education Advice (IPSEA)

    General Advice Line: 0800 018 4016
    Tribunal Help Line: 0845 602 9579

    Special Educational Needs
    & Disability Tribunal (SENDIST)

    Special Educational Needs
    & Disability Tribunal (SENDIST)

    For links to services in West London, click here.

    Parents Active/MENCAP

    Parents Active/MENCAP

    For parents of children with disabilities in Hammersmith and Fulham
    Nandini Ganesh 0208 748 5168

    Action on Disability (HAFAD)

    Action on Disability (HAFAD)

    Tel: 020 7471 8510

    Contact a Family

    Contact a Family

    SEN National Advice Service Helpline
    Tel: 0808 808 3555


    We are committed to raising the achievements and aspirations of children and young people
    so they can play an effective and unique part in society

    **All student photos are solely for the use of Insights School with the consent of the parents.**