Religious Education

    "The young people in our classroom are infinitely more significant than the subjects we teach." ~ Meladee Mcarty

    Key Stage 3


    Religious Education @ Insights  provokes challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. It develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world’s six main religions. At Insights RE encourages pupils to explore religious beliefs, values and practices in different religions.

    There are 2 strands in RE:

    1. It encourages pupils learn about religion (facts, religious leaders, holy books, places of worship, etc) and they learn from religion in terms of promoting more tolerance and understanding.
    2. It also enables pupils to reflect upon their own experiences and views and provides pupils with the scope to participate in discussions. It also has a key role in developing literacy and the key skills of description, explanation and evaluation.


    Year 7

    Students will start the year by learning about the Introduction to Philosophy and RE

    They will be covering the following subject areas:

    • What are miracles?
    • Explore good and Evil texts in a range of faiths
    • What is the problem of evil?
    • How does religion respond to the problem of evil?
    • Religious Symbols
    • Places of Worship
    • Sacred Texts
    • A Hindu Festival – Diwali
    • A Muslim Festival – Eid
    • A Christian Festival – Christmas


    Year 8

    Students will start the year by evaluation the question can violence ever be justified?

    They will be covering the following subject areas:

    • Introduction to war and violence
    • Just War theory
    • Pacifism, Ahimsa and Gandhi – creating a positive poster to promote one of the topics
    • Gandhi Role plays preparation – creating a script and choosing role parts
    • Gandhi Role plays performance and evaluation – verbal assessment to be carried out
    • Case study – Arab/Israeli conflict

    Students will complete the term with and assessment on How far would you agree with the concept of Ahimsa? Using their literacy skills to complete a persuasive piece of literature.


    Year 9

    There are a variety of topics covered in our R.E and  PSE programme in year 9,  Pupils will study 5 RE  units through the year: and will combine these with the PSE syllabus which encourages students to look back at all their learning to explain how they have formed their opinions regarding these subjects.

    Students will start the year by learning different arguments in 2 topics. They will gain an informed opinion and through discussion and debate will learn how to use facts to try and persuade an audience that their opinion is the correct opinion


    RE Topics
    • Medical Ethics Taster
    • Peace & Justice Taster


    PSHE Topics
    • Preparing for life-long learning.
    • Life changes.
    • Learning about learning and attitudes to learning.
    • Anti – bullying.
    • Resolving conflict.
    • Respecting differences.
    • Lying, cheating and stealing.


    Homework & Assessments Overview:

    • Each term the students complete a written assessment. The assessment tests their knowledge, understanding and progress against the three key skills of description, explanation and evaluation
    • Literacy is a key part of developing students and this is also assessed in each written task.
    • Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 are given an independent learning project to complete for their homework assignment. This directly links in with the topics being learnt in class and enables pupils to conduct their own research and extends their learning.
    • Each week pupils are asked to bring their project booklets in which enables teachers to assess and check pupils work.


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