Design and Technology

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    Key Stage 4


    In DT Product Design students will go through the design, make, evaluate process typically completing 2 or 3 projects in the GCSE programme. Students use a wide range of source material to investigate and analyse existing products that will help inform their work. They will be able to recognise that different consumers have different needs and requirements for products. They will focus throughout the year on sustainability and the environment and they will design and make using a variety of mediums, including CAD and CAM. Knowledge about materials and processes as well as learning drawing and graphics skills is essential for the students to be successful. Their ideas will be communicated and evaluated in the form of project booklets that will be created using ICT skills as well as a sketchbook.

    Successful students will understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies; that products have an impact on lifestyle. They will develop the skills of creativity and critical analysis through making links between the principles of good design, existing solutions and technological knowledge. Students will be focusing on aesthetics, cost analysis, sustainability, size, materials, safety, customers, and function in the development and analysis of their products.

    In product design the students will be:

    • Designing and making the housing for a portable speaker and successful candidates will be soldering the electronic components themselves.
    • Producing new and sustainable packaging for a product which is not currentlyenvironmentally friendly.
    • Designing making and evaluate their own complete product with logo and The students will decide what they what to make depending on their own personal interests.


    Examination Board



    % Components

    The course is structured so that the students complete their coursework element in Year 10 leaving their Year 11 free to study for their GCSE exam. The exam counts for 40% of the final grade; the coursework makes up the other 60%.



    Home work will be sent out every week. Some will be exam based and some will be research and coursework based.


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