Business Studies

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    Key Stage 4


    Students follow the Edexcel exam board and the specification consists of both controlled assessments and exams.

    Year 10
    In the first year of this course students are introduced to Unit 1, the world of small business and look at what makes someone a successful business person.  Students find out how to develop an idea and spot an opportunity, and turn that into a successful business.  They will understand how to make a business effective and manage money and will also see how the world around them affects small businesses and all the people involved.  Students take a written examination paper with multiple choice and objective test questions based on the unit at the end of the year.

    Year 11
    During the first part of Year 11 students complete the Unit 2 controlled assessment, which is based on everything they have learned during Year 10 for Unit 1.  It is designed to assess higher order skills including analysis and evaluation.  Students are required to do six hours of research based on one of five topics, which allows them to complete a report on the chosen business.

    Students then complete Unit 3 where they learn more about how small businesses are developed and discover how they promote themselves and keep their customers happy. They learn how businesses manage both their finances and the people who work for them. At the end of the year students complete an exam based on what they have learnt.

    Examination Board



    % Components

    75% External 25% Internal


    Additional Information

    To be successful in Business Studies at Key Stage 4 or 5, it is important students read around the subject.  This allows for a much deeper understanding of how what is learnt in the classroom applies to the real world. The following are examples of how this can be achieved:

    • Follow the BBC’s Robert Peston on Twitter and keep up-to-date with his blog
    • Watch The Bottom Line on BBC News
    • Read the latest from Jeff Randall in The Telegraph


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