BTEC Digital Creative Media Productions

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    Key Stage 5


    At Key Stage Five we offer Creative Writing A-level and BTEC Digital Creative Media Productions.

    This is a Level1/ Level 2 BTEC certificate which is taught over one year: 120 guided learning hours.


    Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences

    Student’s understanding of the digital media sectors and audiences will form the basis of all other units and provide a solid foundation on which to proceed with other ideas. In this unit students will;

    • Understand digital media sectors, products and platforms
    • Understand audiences for digital media products
    • Explore how audiences engage with digital media products


    Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product

    Learners will develop ideas and plan for the production of a digital media product. The product will be a film installation. In this unit students will;

    • Understand how to develop ideas for a film installation
    • Pitch ideas for their film installation
    • Produce planning for the film installation


    Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production

    Students explore types of moving image production; fictional, factual and promotional. Camera work, mise-en-scene, sound and editing are all necessary components of the course. In this unit students will;

    • Understand the key features of moving image productions
    • Understand the technical constructions of a digital moving image production
    • Produce and review a digital moving image production (a film installation)


    Unit 5: Digital Publishing Production

    Students will investigate the context in which digital publishing products exist as well as their purposes and uses. The students learn how to organise and manage the production of a digital publishing product, plan and prepare and then publish a finished digital publishing product (a flyer/ leaflet). In this unit students will;

    • Know about digital publishing opportunities
    • Understand use of digital publishing technology and techniques
    • Produce material of a digital publication


    AS - A Level Creative Writing

    This A-Level makes Creative Writing available in the secondary curriculum in the same way that other creative art forms such as music, art and design, dance and drama are available. It allows aspiring writers to trace a route through school/ college on to higher education and beyond into professional practice within the creative industries. It allows students who have enjoyed creative writing at GCSE to progress without necessarily intending to study the subject at degree level. This A-level expects students to write regularly in a range of forms, read widely and critically and share work-in-progress with others to develop drafting and editing skills. As with all other A-levels, a student may choose to do one year to obtain an AS level or continue to complete the second A2 year for the full A-level qualification.



    YEAR 1 – AS


    Unit 1: Writing On Demand

    40% of AS, 20% of A-level. Students will answer two questions from a choice of four. Both will involve the production of texts based on practical writing scenarios. 2 hour examination in JUNE.


    Unit 2: Exploring Creative Writing

    60% of AS, 30% of A-level. Students will submit two creative writing pieces of work along with a reflective commentary.


    YEAR 2 – A2

    Unit 3: From Reading to Writing

    20% of A-level. Students will answer two questions based on their selection of one stimulus text from a choice of five. 3 hour written examination in JUNE.


    Unit 4: The Writing Portfolio

    30% of A-level. Students will produce a portfolio of creative work and a full reflective commentary with bibliography and evidence of redrafting.


    Examination Board


    Course A-level Creative Writing (2750)


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