Insights School & Skills Academy Advisory Board

    Meets are held five times during the academic year in: September, December, February, April and June.


    • Business & Finance
    • Community & Law Enforcement
    • Education & Training
    • Health Service
    • Parents/Carers
    • Social Care
    • Staff Representatives
    • Students Council


    • The strategic development of the school and skills Academy
    • Monitoring and review of the working practices and performance of the school
    • Monitoring and review of safeguarding procedures
    • To provide an external body to address personal issues that may arise which may require an impartial resolution


    • Leadership & management (personnel, school development & management, quality assurance)
    • Teaching & learning (Curriculum development, pupil progress & achievements)
    • Safeguarding of students (Policies, procedures, implementation strategies, concerns & issues arising)
    • School data (attendance, learning outcomes, behaviour management)
    • Social, moral & spiritual development (therapeutic and academic intervention programmes)
    • Social, moral & spiritual development (therapeutic and academic intervention programmes)


    We are committed to raising the achievements and aspirations of children and young people
    so they can play an effective and unique part in society

    **All student photos are solely for the use of Insights School with the consent of the parents.**